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“Policies for Accelerating Chongqing’s Transformation into a City of Design”

On December 29, 2022, the Chongqing Municipal Economy and Information Technology Commission and the Chongqing Municipal Finance Bureau jointly introduced policies to hasten the creation of the “Design Capital”. Each year, the city’s financial department will invest more than 20 million yuan to support the high-quality development of the industrial design industry and its enterprises.

A representative from the Chongqing Municipal Finance Bureau elaborated, “Industrial design is a key driver in increasing product added value, enhancing corporate competitiveness, upgrading the industrial chain’s value, and enabling the manufacturing industry’s high-quality development. The policies we’ve introduced aim to provide strong incentivization across five key areas: fortifying market entities, bolstering talent support, cultivating brand activities, developing platform carriers, and constructing a design ecosystem.”

In fortifying market entities, new national and municipal industrial design centers will be selectively awarded a one-time reward of 1 million yuan and 500,000 yuan, respectively. For entities successfully recognized as municipal industrial design research institutes, subsidies will be granted for two consecutive years, at a rate not exceeding 20% of the institute’s construction investment, with an annual maximum subsidy of 1 million yuan. Institutions upgraded to national industrial design research institutes will receive a one-time award of 3 million yuan. The policy encourages industrial design companies to boost their design service capabilities, expand their design service markets, and, based on design service performance, provide subsidies of up to 20% of the actual annual design service contract, not exceeding 1 million yuan.

In bolstering talent support, strategies such as “public recruitment” will be implemented to guide and aid in the construction of key manufacturing design training bases across various sectors. The financial department will provide subsidies of up to 30% of the project investment, with a maximum limit of 500,000 yuan. Those recognized as national manufacturing design training bases will be awarded a one-time reward of 1 million yuan.

In cultivating brand activities, the policies support the crafting of brand events. For significant events in the industrial design sector in Chongqing, one-time subsidies of up to 50% of actual costs will be provided, with a maximum limit of 2 million yuan per event. Applicants for national-level awards will receive a one-time reward of 500,000 yuan, 800,000 yuan, and 1 million yuan for achieving the Bronze, Silver, and Gold categories of the China Excellent Industrial Design Award, respectively.

In developing platform carriers, “public recruitment” strategies will be employed to nurture and establish a series of industrial design eco-homes within municipal industrial design industry empowerment bases, each receiving up to 3 million yuan in subsidies annually for three consecutive years.

In constructing a design ecosystem, the “Industrial Design+” key projects will be supported. The policies encourage a close fusion of industrial design with rural rejuvenation, urban renewal, cultural arts, and the revitalization of industrial heritage. By employing “public recruitment” strategies, investment into a series of “Industrial Design+” projects from social capital, financial institutions, and others will be supported, with subsidies of up to 30% of the project investment amount and a maximum limit of 500,000 yuan.

The representative further stated that aside from fiscal rewards and subsidies, the initiative will leverage industry investment funds, financing guarantees, and other means to stimulate the city’s manufacturing industry’s high-quality development.

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