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Chongqing, an "8D magic city" with a remarkable sense of design

As an “8D magic city” covering 82,400 square kilometers, Chongqing is situated in the inland western China with over 32 million people. It is also the only municipality directly under the Central Government of China that has large urban and rural areas, large reservoir areas, large mountainous areas and ethnic minority areas. Home to over 15,000 bridges, it is also called the “bridge capital” of China.

Chongqing is one of China’s 6 long-standing industrial bases and a national pilot area for urban-rural integrated development. 

Owning 164 sister cities and 13 consulates-general, Chongqing has opened 110 international air routes to 80 cities in 36 countries, presenting more chances for exchanges and cooperation among UCCN members.

Design Empowering Integration and Upgrades of Industry and Urban-rural Development

Chongqing faces challenges in transforming and upgrading long-standing industrial bases, urban-rural integration, cultural diversity protection and living environment improvement. Based on the new concept of “design empowering integration and upgrades of industry and urban-rural development,” Chongqing will build a comprehensive design ecosystem , and aims to build a demonstration zone for urban design and renewal in a super-large city.

Industrial Design

We strive to empower industrial development through industrial design, improving job quality for residents.

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Engineering Design

We strive to empower urban-rural renewal through engineering design, improving the living environment for residents.

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Fashion Design

We strive to empower the integration of culture and tourism through fashion design, enhancing the residents' quality of life.

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Chongqing’s Decade-long Journey to “City of Design”

Groundwork for the "City of Design" officially commenced
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Building a "City of Design" was included in the municipal government's implementation proposal
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Industrial design study tours were initiated
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The first "Smart Expo Cup" Industrial Design Competition was held
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Chongqing was successfully established as a national industrial design demonstration city
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The application for "City of Design" was made
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The first batch of municipal-level industrial design centers was accredited
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The proposal to create China's "Western International City of Design" was put forward
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Chongqing took the lead in implementing the nationwide reform of industrial design professional title evaluation
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The first cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Municipal Industrial Design Department was signed
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The "Action Plan for Transforming Chongqing into a 'City of Design'" was issued
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