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Chongqing Bridge Capital of China

Chongqing has a mountainous area that covers 76% of its area, and the Yangtze River runs through it, giving it the characteristics of both a “mountain city” and a “river city.” The unique environment of mountains and rivers, diverse cultural forms, urban layout built along the mountains, intricate transportation hubs, innovative road networks, bridges, tunnels, parks, and buildings, highlight the sense of hierarchy and three-dimensionality of a mountainous city. It is known as an “8D” magical city and has made Chongqing a unique center for engineering and design practices. 

With over 15,000 bridges, Chongqing features four major types of bridges: beam bridges, arch bridges, cable-stayed bridges, and suspension bridges. Due to the large number, scale, high technical level, diversity, and strong influence of its bridges, it is hailed as the “Bridge Capital of the World.” We also emphasize the refinement of characteristic transportation elements such as bridges, tunnels, and walkways, and strive to improve the mountainous transportation system that spans mountains, crosses rivers, and traverses buildings. We refine characteristic cultural elements such as historical sites, cultural relics, and cultural landscapes, and establish a comprehensive system for the protection of historical and cultural cities, towns, and villages. 


Video Source: iChongqing

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