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Changan Deep Blue SL03 Wins Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023

In May 2023, the highly anticipated international design accolade, the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2023, announced its winners. The Deep Blue SL03, with its outstanding design concept and prowess, was honoured with the 2023 Product Design Award. The Red Dot Award, often hailed as the “Oscars of Design”, originated from the German Industrial Design Award in 1955 and is considered one of the world’s three major design awards alongside the German “iF Award” and the American “IDEA Award.”

The product design award received by the Deep Blue SL03 is widely recognised as the most fiercely competitive, diverse, and highly regarded accolade. In 2022, the award attracted over 7,800 entries from more than 60 countries and regions, encompassing top industrial design works across various fields such as automotive, consumer electronics, home appliances, and smart wearables. Ultimately, the Red Dot Jury selected only 115 products to receive the Red Dot Product Design Award, making the winning rate a mere 1%.

The Deep Blue SL03’s recognition in this international design award is inseparable from its exquisite design craftsmanship and avant-garde design philosophy. As the inaugural strategic model under the new all-electric brand, Deep Blue Motors, the SL03 stands out in the new energy market with its distinctive symbiotic aesthetic design concept. From the moment it was unveiled, the Deep Blue SL03 captivated audiences with its groundbreaking approach, fluid lines, and futuristic design, leaving a lasting impression.

“The Deep Blue SL03’s pioneering grille-less front face and interactive light design break away from traditional front-end layouts,” praised the discerning Red Dot Award judges. The SL03’s iconic enclosed grille-less front face design enhances the vehicle’s clean and imposing frontal appearance, further accentuating its futuristic design language and showcasing its identity as a new energy vehicle. Additionally, the SL03 features the innovative “Star Energy Petal” front daytime running lights, a tail light composed of three LED light strips forming a petal shape, and a continuous “Star Flame” taillight that spans across the front and rear lights. These elements create a strong recognisable symbol language exclusive to the Deep Blue SL03, making a distinct statement in the flow of nighttime traffic and highlighting its individuality.

Moreover, the Deep Blue SL03 incorporates 264 LED light sources in its interactive lights, which provide bright illumination and can be controlled independently. These lights are positioned in the traditional fog light position, and they create an engaging lighting experience. They enhance driving safety while enabling seamless interaction between humans and the vehicle, exemplifying the focus on human-centric aspects in the era of intelligent electric vehicles.

“The overall aerodynamic optimisation and streamlined body shape embody the fluid lines of a sports coupe,” praised the Red Dot Award judges on the vehicle’s body design. The SL03 features a sleek and low-profile body that strikes a balance between preserving interior space and embodying the alluring appeal of a coupe-like silhouette. With cutting-edge frameless doors, electric retractable door handles, and an electric lifting tailgate, it achieves a class-leading aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.23Cd while exuding a sporty aesthetic. Furthermore, the SL03 boasts distinctive features, including pioneering 19-inch star-shaped enclosed wheels and a floating rear spoiler. These design elements optimize airflow circulation, striking a perfect balance between exceptional aesthetics and practical range. They exemplify Deep Blue Motors’ expertise in mature and leading industrial design, coupled with a forward-thinking design philosophy.
“The combination of intelligent technology, digitisation, and a futuristic cabin, along with the creatively designed ambient lighting system, creates a futuristic atmosphere,” the Red Dot Award judges wholeheartedly commended.

Since 2011, when the Changan Eado and CS75 led the way for Chinese design to venture abroad, Changan Design has undergone multiple iterations. In 2017, the CS75 PLUS was launched, featuring innovative design with a dynamic and lively aesthetic, exploring the new era of the automotive industry. In 2020, the UNI series was born, embodying the concept of new technology and intelligent aesthetics, transcending the era of homogeneity and defining a “boundary-less” aesthetic. In 2022, Changan Automobile witnessed the flourishing of its multiple brand series, gradually establishing a new automotive ecosystem characterised by “diversity and symbiotic aesthetics.” Deep Blue Motors plays a vital role in providing users with differentiated and exceptional design experiences. Today, Changan’s new industrial design prowess stands as a powerful pillar for the “Embracing the World Strategy,” taking the lead in Changan’s global strategic endeavors.

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