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Jiulong Ecool Industrial Park

Jiulong Ecool (Chongqing Investment Ecool Business Management Co., Ltd.) covers an area of 15,000 square meters with a total construction area of 38,000 square meters. Its total investment amount exceeds 170 million yuan. It is positioned to integrate “cultural arts” into “urban renewal” and focuses on creative industries and aesthetic lifestyles. It aims to create a space that embodies openness, innovation, symbiosis, and a better urban life. As a key cultural and creative project in Jiulongpo District, it contributes to the sustainable development of urban micro-updates, promotes the gathering of innovative creative industries, and upgrades the Jiulongpo District. Jiulong Ecool is located in a prosperous area of Chongqing, on the east side of the Shiqiaopu interchange, less than 700 meters away from Shiqiaopu Metro Station. The southwest side of the area is adjacent to Yugao Park, the west side is near Taixing Technology Square, and the east side is a large residential area with a current population of approximately 300 thousand. The main focus of the park includes comprehensive transportation, specialized finance, integrated development of the city and park, trendy art, pop music, neighborhood education, creative aesthetics, and photography art.

In 2022, Jiulong Ecool continued to invest over 2 million yuan in branding and advertising. Since its opening in 2021, Jiulong Ecool has successfully demonstrated the innovation and rationality of its “urban new neighborhood center” concept through a diverse range of cultural and artistic activities and comprehensive urban consumption community events. Together with the first batch of artistic and settled artistic businesses, the project has gradually consolidated its position as the first urban micro-update and community-building park brand in Chongqing.

Jiulong Ecool maintains good cooperation with major art universities in Chongqing, as well as foreign affairs institutions such as the Consulate General of Italy in Chongqing and the Consulate General of Japan in Chongqing. It has also attracted the Singapore Secretariat of the China-Singapore Alliance to settle in the park. Jiulong Ecool covers multiple industries including trendy art, trendy music, neighborhood education, creative aesthetics, and photography art. Numerous brands have already settled or are planning to settle in the park. It is expected to attract over 100 upstream and downstream enterprises, provide 1,000 job opportunities, and achieve an annual output value of over 500 million yuan. Since 2021, relying on the platform of the New Neighborhood Art Center, Jiulong Ecool has received nearly 50 government visits and exchanges, organized nearly 30 cultural and artistic events, collaborated with over 30 cross-industry cultural and creative brands, and gained wide attention from nearly 100 mainstream media and We-Media outlets.


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