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The Chongqing Industrial Design Headquarters Base

On June 7, 2021, the “Chongqing Industrial Design Headquarters Base” awarding ceremony opened at the 2021 Design Empowerment Intelligent Manufacturing Summit. And under the guidance of Chongqing Municipal Economy and Information Technology Commission and People’s Government of Chongqing, Yuzhong District, the base constructed by Chongqing Industrial Design Promotion Center and Chongqing Yuzhong District Grand Petrochemical New Area Construction Management Committee, which is the impartial project of Chongqing “14th Five-Year Plan” to build an urban industrial design service support system and promote the development of the city’s industrial design industry. The project relies on Chongqing Industrial Design Promotion Center to build the operation hub of the city’s industrial design distributed linkage development with the “headquarters plus” model, whose main structure is “1 headquarters base plus 38 district and county sub-centers plus five professional centers plus supporting resource pool”, forming an urban linkage industrial design operation system, which has the outstanding advantages of more resources gathering, strong industry drive, widely regional radiation, and hugely industry influence. Nowadays, Dazu, Bishan, Jiangjin, Dianjiang, Xiushan, and other sub-centers establish in the districts and counties.

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