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MACIO Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. Innovative Design Center

Originating from Chongqing MACIO Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., MACIO Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. was established in September 2013 with a registered capital of 75 million yuan. It has two wholly-owned subsidiaries: Guangdong MACIO Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. and Guangdong MACIO Home Furnishing Technology Co., Ltd. With 18 years of development since 2004, MACIO has become a large-scale modern custom-furnishing enterprise that integrates research, development, design, manufacturing, sales, and services and achieved mass production of personalized whole-house furnishings.

The MACIO Design Center has 82 professional designers and is divided into four subordinate Centers—Brand Promotion, Product Research and Development, Industrial Design, and Information Technology. In management, the Center implements the system of a comprehensive management department under the leadership of the director of the Innovative Design Center. In project development, the Center adopts a matrix-based team responsibility system. MACIO Innovative Design Center is responsible for the whole-process management of new product design and development. It also adopts the “large-scale flexible non-standard C2B2F custom furnishing intelligent manufacturing” model, providing customers with fully satisfactory one-stop and integrated whole-house custom products and services.

In the past two years (2019-2020), the Center has invested a total of 56.619 million yuan in design, and undertaken 121 design projects, 115 of which have been industrialized. It has achieved a cumulative sales revenue of 166 million yuan and obtained 196 authorized patents. Its product “Stable Storage Wall Kit” was awarded as a high and new technology product in Chongqing. Its “French Wardrobe” won the highest award in the Second China Wardrobe Design Competition, among other honors.


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