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Smart Expo Cup 2021 Silver Award Winner: Intelligent Prospecting Equipment

Intelligent Prospecting Equipment


CGE (Chongqing) Geological Instrument Co., Ltd. (Tang Feng / Dai Zhengyong / Yang Fang / Li Jian / Tang Jian)


Equipment Manufacturing


This large intelligent prospecting equipment has a good overall design. It could meet the needs of multi-location walking. The modularized design enables the drilling machine to vary the amounts of modules according to needs, which promotes the product’s practicability. It is convenient and accurate to position due to the drilling head’s wide-reaching range. And it is also designed with intelligent remote control equipment.

The overall design is in line with the operating habits. The shape is simple and concise but impressive and the details are skillfully designed. At the same time, a variety of visual solutions provide better recognition, showing a new product image, and highlighting the comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the product.

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