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Smart Expo Cup 2021 Silver Award Winner: Medical Digital Twins–Digital Map for Disease Control

Medical Digital Twins–Digital Map for Disease Control


Alibaba Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd. (Wang Wan / Liao Minyue / Zhang Mengdi / Liu Yi / Ye Xuhui)


Industrial Services


In the field of public health, real-time information to people is the priority nowadays. The breakthrough of digital twin experience design is on the way. The perspective and methodology of digital twin experience design are expected to more attention in the process of industry transformation, which will promote the balance of disease prevention, public health resource allocation, and improve national health, quality of life, and social fairness and trust.

The digital map, with the innovative touchpoints on the big screen and product side, introduces the concepts of “sandbox rehearsal” and “microscope investigation”. It has achieved the following effects on three roles: early identification and warning and preventive control measures for the government; information equality and trust for the public; improved diagnosis and treatment capacity for hospitals. The design concept has been applied in cooperation with Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission.

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