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Smart Expo Cup 2021 Gold Award Winner: VN22-6X6 Wheeled Armored Vehicle

VN22-6X6 Wheeled Armored Vehicle


Chongqing Artop Brand Consulting & Design Co., Ltd. (Zhao Wei / Jian Sixin / Yang Xiaodie / Li Maojia / Liu Wei)


Equipment Manufacturing


This design highlights the steel power of defending national sovereignty and safeguarding peace. The overall design creates a powerful, indestructible, and aggressive combat image by means of clear and sharp modeling.

The armored vehicle is characterized by a whole simple design and sharp lines. Its upper part embodies a variety of functions without any redundant parts; the lower part, or its power part, is mainly in black color, leading to the contrast between the upper and lower. It fully reflects the charm of industrial design and multiple functions!

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