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Smart Expo Cup 2021 Extreme Award Winner: Changan UNI-K

Changan UNI-K


Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. (Hu Jian / Deng Xin / Zhang Xingye / Wang Yong)


Equipment Manufacturing


Changan UNI-K hybrid vehicle brings consumers a travel experience with the theme of future technology. The shape is simple and avant-garde, with the front borderless grille parameterized to make the sense of science and technology visible, the side profile is extremely simple, and the design of the lamps and lanterns group and the tail section is more ingenious, reflecting the high-quality design of the overall aesthetics.

The internal layout is user-centered. Specifically, the design of the butterfly-like triple-screen creates a sense of sci-fi driving, and human-machine interaction works well in detail. Overall, it reflects a good level of integration of technology, design, and manufacturing.

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