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The Chongqing Municipal Economy and Information Technology Commission Held a Symposium on the Establishment of Supporting Institutions (Platforms) for the Creation of a City of Design

The Chongqing Municipal Economy and Information Technology Commission held a symposium on the establishment of supporting institutions (platforms) for the creation of a City of Design on January 10. The meeting aimed to accelerate the creation of a City of Design in Chongqing and leverage the important role of supporting institutions (platforms) throughout the city. Zhao Gang, a member of the Party Group of the Commission, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

During the meeting, the Production Service Department of the Municipal Economy and Information Technology Commission introduced the current progress and future plans for the creation of a City of Design in Chongqing. They emphasized the implementation of the five major actions in industrial design, including subjects, talents, activities, carriers, and ecological construction, as well as the construction of the “four libraries and four platforms,” aiming to accelerate the achievement of the goal of becoming a design capital. In addition, the responsible units of the supporting institutions (platforms) and some of the supporting institutions (platforms) exchanged their progress and experiences in creating a City of Design.

Zhao Gang emphasized in his speech that to promote the creation of a City of Design in Chongqing, it is necessary, firstly, to strengthen ideological understanding and realize the significant value of vigorously developing industrial design in leading technology and product innovation, promoting supply-side structural reform, and facilitating industrial optimization and upgrade. Secondly, efforts should be made to promote the creation of a City of Design from the aspects of policy guidance and project promotion, further integrating Chongqing’s design industry into the global design industry. Thirdly, it is important to ensure the effective operation of the institutions and serve the development of the industry, thus building a favorable design ecosystem. Each institution (platform) should proactively plan and strategize its development, identify directions, integrate resources, and enhance the market operation and industrialization capabilities of design. The responsible units should provide guidance and support, appropriately tilt and take care of policies and funds, and help the institutions (platforms) to grow and expand. Finally, it is crucial to effectively play the supporting role. The institutions (platforms) are important supporters of the creation of a City of Design and an integral part of the application city. While focusing on their own development, they should faithfully implement the national and municipal policies and spirit on the development of industrial design, actively respond to the call of creating a City of Design, jointly create a favorable atmosphere, and facilitate the accelerated development of industrial design throughout the city.

Officials in charge from the Economic and Information Technology Commission of relevant districts and counties, park management committees, the College of Economics and Management of Southwest University, the Chongqing Manufacturing Talent Service Center (Industrial Design Promotion Center), the Construction Project Quality Supervision Station of Chongqing Chemical, as well as representatives from 14 supporting institutions (platforms), attended the meeting.


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