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New Progress! Chongqing Design Park Innovation Base Enters the Main Construction Phase

In December 2020, the Municipal Government awarded the “Chongqing Design Park” title to Yuelai International Exhibition City. In January 2022, the “Action Plan for Building Chongqing as the ‘City of Design'” was officially launched, clearly identifying Yuelai International Exhibition City in the Liangjiang New Area as the core hub for building Chongqing as the “City of Design.” The plan supports the development of Chongqing Design Park and includes guidelines for guiding the concentrated development of industrial design. Currently, Phase I of the Chongqing Design Park project, the Yuelai Design Creative Exhibition Center, has been completed and put into use.

Recently, Phase II of the Chongqing Design Park project—The Chongqing Design Park Innovation Base has made new progress. Building 1 has completed the acceptance and pouring of the first pile for the main construction, marking the official entry into the main construction phase of the project.

Since the official commencement of the Chongqing Design Park Innovation Base project in mid-March 2023, Yuelai Investment Group has closely focused on the project construction tasks and accelerated the cultivation of the design industry chain as the core goal.

It has carefully organised and coordinated the allocation of resources from all parties involved in the project.

A special leadership group has been established to actively and proactively coordinate the project construction process, implementing effective measures to ensure efficient decision-making and high-quality advancement of the project.

As of now, 60% of the earthwork and slope support projects have been completed, and 24 foundation piles for the main structure have been poured.

It is expected that the main structure will be topped out before the end of December 2023, and the project will be completed and put into use by 2025.

The Chongqing Design Park Innovation Base

The Chongqing Design Park Innovation Base is located on Yuegang Avenue in Yuelai International Exhibition City, Liangjiang New Area.

It is a panoramic smart ecological park that integrates the extension of the industrial design industry chain, service extension, and life extension.

The total land area is approximately 43 acres, with a total construction area of about 62,000 square meters.

The project is designed to include three major functions: business offices, industrial services, and living facilities.

3D Rendering of the Chongqing Design Park Innovation Base

It aims to build public service platforms for innovation research and development, entrepreneurship incubation, education and training, as well as intellectual property services.

There are plans to introduce industrial design, creative design, and technology-driven design enterprises and institutions, focusing on automotive design, smart hardware design, medical device design, artificial intelligence, and other fields.

After the project is completed, efforts will be made to build it into a “National Industrial Design Demonstration Zone” and an “International City of Design.”

This will have significant implications for seizing the high ground of industrial design in Chongqing, promoting the development of the industrial design industry, and attracting upstream and downstream industrial design chains.

3D Rendering of the Chongqing Design Park Innovation Base

Currently, Yuelai Investment Group is actively following the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to continuously build an ecological circle of the exhibition, design, and cultural tourism industries.

It is vigorously developing the innovative design industry, with the core carrier being the Chongqing Design Park.

Based on the concept of “industrial design + industrial chain.”, efforts are being made to construct a “design enterprise gathering area, an excellent design generation area, a design talent training area, a design product exhibition area, and a design information release area”.

It is striving to build a high-standard “design platform, industrial ecosystem, and park services” operating system, aiming to make “Chongqing Design Park” a symbol in the field of industrial design in China.

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