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Appreciate the Charm of Technology in Changan Automobile’s Global R&D Center

In recent years, China Changan Automobile Group (CCAG) has integrated global resources and established a global R&D system with a focus on Chongqing, Beijing, Hebei, Hefei, Turin (Italy), Yokohama (Japan), Birmingham (UK), Detroit (USA) and Munich (Germany). Changan Automobile Global R&D Center, an area of more than 1,000 acres, with a total investment of 4.3 billion RMB, was officially put into use in April 2019, marking Changan Automobile’s entry into the R&D 4.0 era of “open sharing, global synergy”.

The exhibition hall is rich in graphics, literature, audio and video, and physical materials to show visitors the century-long development of CCAG. Since the reform and opening-up, CCAG has entered the auto field to produce compact cars, insisted on independent innovation to enter the car field, entered the camp of China’s four major auto groups, started its third venture, and strived to transform into an intelligent low-carbon travel technology company to achieve rapid development. Since its birth, CCAG has been holding high the banner of developing national industry, always insisting on sharing the same fate with the country. Changan people have been taking the spirit of national brand cars as a great cause and the responsibility of industry to serve the country.

The exhibition hall exhibits Changan Automobile National Automotive Noise Vibration and Safety Technology Key Laboratory and a total investment of about 2 billion yuan, covering an area of more than 3,500 acres of Asia’s highest precision, the most fully functional Changan Automobile comprehensive test site sound and visual information. The display contains 870 items of intelligent, CAE simulation and other forms of physical, drawing information and other core technologies of the vehicle, the domestic first powertrain brand Blue Whale Power physical, and more than 200 items of core engine technology information, domestic and foreign patents 14,477 and other independent innovation research and development achievements. Visitors can fully experience the independent innovation R&D strength, development, and leading position of China’s national automobile industry, and enhance the pride and self-confidence of the national brand.

In the center of the exhibition hall, a compact car exhibition and a technology exhibition are set up to showcase high-quality classic products such as the UNI series, CS series, Auchan X7 and Blue Whale Power, 384 new energy core technologies such as the world’s leading “7-in-1 Electric Drive System”, “Changan Smart Core” and “Big Three Electricity”, more than 200 intelligent technologies under the intelligent “Beidou Tianshu” plan, the first domestic L3-level autonomous driving mass production technology and future automobile technology trends. Combined with a series of physical objects and professional explanations, it can show visitors a comprehensive display of Changan Auto’s current technological innovation achievements and future development direction. It is also a place to popularize the knowledge of automobile technology and the future development trend of the automobile industry to young people, immerse them in the automobile culture, and enhance their vision and confidence in the future of Chinese brand cars.

Changan Automobile Global R&D Center has more than 7,000 R&D technicians, more than 600 senior experts, 94 doctors from domestic famous colleges and universities, and 16 high-level talents from 6 countries, mainly focusing on the fields of intelligence, new energy, styling design, vehicle integration, etc. The R&D center sets up the core talents into a professional R&D team and provides a complete set of software and hardware facilities and equipment, so they can devote themselves to building a fine product system. The R&D center regularly carries out a series of professional learning exchanges, training, and salons with special features, where top experts in the field of domestic and foreign automobiles collide in ideas and mingle in wisdom, cultivating and exporting professional talents in R&D, management, and intelligent manufacturing for the development of China’s automobile industry.

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