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Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Clothing Department Has Participated in Graduate Fashion Week for Seven Consecutive Years in London

In 2022, ten graduation works from the Clothing Department were selected for the Graduate Fashion Week 2022 in London. The works of Jing Wenxuan and Cai Hongli were listed in the excellent collection and published on the official website. The works of Jing Wenxuan and Fei Chenyu were selected to represent Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in the International Show held in Mumbai, India on October 16.

Since 2016, the Clothing Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute being the first one to be invited from Mainland China, its outstanding fashion works have been selected for Graduate Fashion Week for seven consecutive years. It showcases the achievements of our school’s fashion design talents to global media, buyers, companies, etc., which plays an important role in promoting the internationalization of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and enhancing its international influence.

Exhibited Works:

Jing Wenxuan – “Coral Bleaching Diary”

Fei Chenyu – “CYBER3.0-Beetle”

Cai Hongli – “Broken Walls”

Works of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Showcased in Graduate Fashion Week Over the Years:

2016 – Li Yunhang – “Kuiba”

2017 – He Yuxue – “The Taste of New Year”

2018 – Luo Youhong – “Street Story”

2019 – Tian Tian and Xing Zi – “Dong’s Reflection”

2020 – Deng Xin – “Future Security Check Behaviours”

2020 – Xie Zimeng – “Worship of light and shadow”

2020 – Yang Hanlin – “NEON”

2021 – Kuang Yunru – “BRAIN IN A VAT”

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