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Windpower Equipment Industrial Design Center of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Haizhuang Windpower Co., Ltd.

There are 249 industrial designers for Windpower Equipment Industrial Design Center, with Science and Technology Division, Research Institute, Tower Division, and Big Data Management Center. It has the capability of wind power product research and development, intelligent wind farm operation, and full-process financial services, and able to provide one-stop overall solutions for the whole life cycle of wind farm development. In the past two years (2019-2020), the center has invested 549 million yuan in design, undertaken 96 design projects, including 13 industrialization projects, obtained 52 authorized patents, won the Extreme Award in the 2020 “Smart Expo Cup” “High-efficiency and Safe Offshore Wind Turbine Key Technology and Industrialization” Chongqing Science and Technology Progress First Prize, “High-efficiency Utilization of Offshore Wind Energy and Low-redundancy and High-Reliability Column Key Technology and Application” China Electric Power Science and Technology Progress First Prize, and so on 14 awards. H171-5MW localized offshore wind turbine offline, marking the first comprehensive award of the domestic grasp of the sea into the core technology of wind turbine components, breaking the foreign technology monopoly and sealing. At the same time, through the localization of offshore wind turbine development, driven by the development technical level and manufacturing capacity of the whole domestic wind power industrial chain. It is of great significance to realize the localization of the industry chain of offshore wind power and the affordability of offshore wind power.

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