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China (Chongqing) Agricultural Products Innovation Design Contest

“Aiming to inspire the integration of exceptional design talents, expedite the innovation of science, product, and design in the agricultural product processing industry, and stimulate the high-quality growth of the city’s agricultural product processing sector, we are proud to host this innovation design contest,” a representative from the organizing committee expressed. The contest, which is sponsored by the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Committee, is jointly organized by the Chongqing Agricultural Products Processing Industry Association and the Municipal Industrial Design Promotion Center. The competition has been structured into four categories:

(i) Innovative Techniques: This category encapsulates innovations in initial processing, deep processing, and the comprehensive utilization of agricultural product by-products.

(ii) Novel Products: This category includes new inventions, enhancements, alterations, and innovations in processed agricultural products.

(iii) Brand Imaging: This includes the creation of new brands, trademarks, and original packaging for processed agricultural products.

(iv) Comprehensive Agricultural Industry Chain Design: This includes the design of solutions or services catering to unique agricultural product cultivation, production, processing, storage and transport, sales, branding, consumer experience, and consumption.

On April 29, 2022, in a bid to intensify the transformation and industrial application of the winning entries from the 2021 China (Chongqing) Agricultural Products Innovation Design Contest, and to display the contest’s new innovative design accomplishments, the on-site docking meeting for the contest was launched in Chongqing. The meeting was sponsored by the Chongqing Municipal Agriculture and Rural Committee and co-organized by the Chongqing Agricultural Products Processing Industry Association and the Chongqing Industrial Design Promotion Center.

In August 2022, the China (Chongqing) Agricultural Products Innovation Design Contest, which commenced in August of the previous year, carried the theme, “Design Empowers the Industrial Chain; Innovation Elevates the Value Chain.” The purpose was to boost the conversion of winning entries, attract top-notch design talents, and hasten the innovation in technology, product, and design within the agricultural products processing industry. After the collection of works, promotion of the contest, expert evaluation, public announcement, and other stages, the contest finally awarded four entries, including the Cooperative Innovation Demonstration of the Whole Industry Chain of Traditional Chinese Medicine, gold medals. Twelve entries, including Jiang Xiaobai’s Whole Agricultural Industry Chain Design, won silver medals. Twenty entries, including the Standardized Agricultural Product Processing Whole Industry Chain Construction by Caishi Fresh, won bronze medals. Four projects, including the Emotion-Based Brand System Design Project – Chongqing Yongrong Yongchuan Xiu Ya’s High-End Brand Image Upgrade, clinched the top prizes. Eighty-one entries, including the Zisang Industrial Chain Design, received Excellence Awards.


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