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Smart Expo Cup 2021 Gold Award Winner: Regional IP Systematic Design Empowering Rural Revitalization

Regional IP Systematic Design Empowering Rural Revitalization


Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (Jiang Jinchen / Yuan Weishun / Li Tao / Jiang Yunzhou / Qin Shengkang)


Industrial Services


Rural revitalization is the second phase of China’s poverty alleviation strategy. Tiemen Town, Liangping District is a distinctive mountainous countryside in Chongqing. In accordance with Tiemen’s natural ecology, leisurely style, and unique soil, the design maintains the “originality” of the countryside, combines inheritance and innovation, and seeks differentiation, forming a new IP image. It has come out with a new path of rural revitalization and cultural tourism prosperity.

It is also a model of Chongqing’s innovative rural revitalization, which has balanced development and protection by means of integrating the resources of both city and countryside as well as the treasure of both ecology and humanities.

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