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Smart Expo Cup 2021 Silver Award Winner: An Innovative Model for Rural Revitalization with Mutual Promotion of Culture and Industry


Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (Pi Yongsheng/Peng Wantang/Tan Yaxin/Xia Rusong/Zhang Tiantian)


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Revitalization is the theme of China’s development today, and rural revitalization is a road to common prosperity for China. The project empowers industries with culture and carries culture with it; integrates “culture + agricultural products,” “culture + handicrafts,” and “culture + digital business” and relies on the countryside to innovate a value co-innovation mode in rural revitalization, becoming an innovative model for rural revitalization. “Promoting rural construction by cultural creation and shaping rural appearance by innovation” has already created satisfactory social influence and economic benefits, which has approved by society and the government, and is a model for rural revitalization in Chongqing.

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