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Distinguished Experts and Master Designers Contribute Ideas and Suggestions for the Innovation and Development of Design in Chongqing

On March 29th, a symposium on innovative Chinese modernization design, which was hosted by the Chongqing Economic and Information Commission, was held at the Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition City, at the Yuelai Design Art Exhibition Center. The party group member of the Economic and Information Commission, Zhao Gang, and the party committee member and deputy general manager of Yuelai Investment Group, Liu Xiaojun, attended the meeting. Li Yue, director of the Production Service Department of the Economic and Information Commission, presided over the meeting.

Experts and scholars from universities such as Chongqing University, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and Chongqing Jiaotong University, master designers from design studios such as Liang Mingyu Studio and Ningxiu Embroidery Co., Ltd., entrepreneurs from design-driven companies such as Dekang Oral Care, Jinhui Ceramics, and Chongqing Langjian Yuli Technology, as well as representatives from “Chongqing New Design”, “Packaging Engineering”, and the Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design, gathered together to discuss the major plans for the innovation and development of design in our city.

Zhao Gang Member of the Party Group of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission Gives a Speech


During the symposium, Zhao Gang emphasized that industrial design, as a comprehensive innovative activity that combines science, engineering, aesthetics, psychology, and economics, is an important part of the industrial chain and is at the top of the industrial value chain and the starting point of product innovation. Chongqing’s exploration of Chinese-style modern industrial design is very significant in promoting high-quality development in the context of realizing Chinese-style modernization. He stated that in promoting the Chinese-style modernization of industrial design, we need to lead the market, combine the creation and satisfaction of demand, establish a theoretical system of Chinese-style modern industrial design, establish a service system, training system, and cooperation system around theoretical innovation, practical innovation, and the integration of theory and practice. Through the “racehorse competition” mechanism, we should encourage excellent designers to go national and even global, introduce advanced experiences, promote talent exchange, focus on the core development of Chongqing, contribute “design power” to Chongqing, and help our city’s high-quality economic and social development.

During the meeting, a licensing ceremony was held for the Industrial Design Master Studio and the Design-Driven Entrepreneur Workstation. It is understood that the Industrial Design Master Studio refers to a work platform established jointly by companies or universities and industrial design leaders for design practical training, talent cultivation, and design innovation and tackling activities. To introduce and cultivate industrial design masters, promote the development of industrial design and talent team construction, and assist in the high-quality development of Chongqing’s manufacturing industry, the Economic and Information Commission has carried out the creation of Industrial Design Master Studios. After expert review and public announcement, ten studios, including the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Liang Mingyu Studio, and Chongqing Langjian Yuli Technology Co., Ltd., were selected.

Design-Driven Entrepreneur Workstations led by mentors and the companies they rely on attach great importance to technological innovation and design-driven, have industrial design exhibition experience scenes, possess educational training venues and facilities, and their characteristics are strong leading ability, strong innovation ability, and good public service. To promote the combination of industry, academia, and research, play the public service function of the Industrial Design Center and the helmsman role of entrepreneurs, build a platform for design practice, exchange, and mutual learning, theoretical enhancement, create an “old with new, new promotes old” mentorship atmosphere in the field of industrial design, the Economic and Information Commission relied on various levels of Industrial Design Centers to carry out the creation of Design-Driven Entrepreneur Workstations. After independent application by enterprises, recommendation by district and county economic information management departments, and expert review, eight companies including Chongqing Dekang Oral Care Products Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Jinhui Ceramics Co., Ltd. were included in the Design-Driven Entrepreneur Workstations.

At the meeting, Director Li Yue introduced the development of industrial design in the city and the key tasks for 2023. The heads of the awarded Master Studios and Design-Driven Entrepreneur Workstations spoke about the theme of Chinese-style modernization design innovation, combined with their design fieldwork measures, typical cases, and policy recommendations. The Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design was invited to attend the meeting and shared the successful experience of building Shanghai as a “City of Design”. The relevant persons in charge of “Chongqing New Design” and “Packaging Engineering” respectively introduced the publication situation of the journals, and proposed to strive to build a “new window” for promotion, cooperation, and exchange in the field of industrial design in Chongqing.

Before the meeting, the participants collectively visited the Cross-Strait Youth Creative Design Exhibition held at the Yuelai Design Art Exhibition Center.


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