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2023 China Manufacturing Design Conference – Yuelai International Design Forum Coming Soon

On August 22, the 2023 China Manufacturing Design Conference – Yuelai International Design Forum press conference was held at Chongqing Yue Design Center. With the theme of “Digital Design for Smart Future”, the conference will be held from September 5 to 6 in Chongqing’s Yuelai International Exhibition City.

The “2023 China Manufacturing Design Conference – Yuelai International Design Forum” is hosted by the Smart China Expo Organizing Committee, organized by Chongqing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Management Committee, Chongqing Yubei People’s Government, Chongqing Yuelai Investment Group Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Industrial Culture Development Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Investment Association of China, and Chongqing Yuelai Xingcheng Asset Management Co., Ltd. The conference aims to empower multiple fields like industrial design, digital economy development, intelligent networks, and smart mobility and promotes the high-quality development of China’s manufacturing industry.

Zhao Gang, Member of The Party Committee of Chongqing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology; Zhang Li, Member of The Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of The Management Committee of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area; Yang Fan, Member of The Standing Committee of Yubei District Committee and Deputy Mayor of the District Government; and Huang Jie, Deputy Secretary of The Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Chongqing Yuelai Investment Group Co., Ltd., introduced the activities.

Meetings, exhibitions, and discussions to build cooperation

“Yuelai International Exhibition City is an important platform for the opening up of Liangjiang New Area and one of the largest internationalized convention and exhibition platforms in the West, which has successfully held two sessions of the China Manufacturing Design Conference – Yuelai International Design Forum.” Zhao Gang introduced that the conference is diverse in activities, including the opening ceremony and the keynote speech of the forum, as well as special events.

Among the series, the opening ceremony will hold a centralized signing and awarding ceremony for major investment projects, and unite global design representatives, experts, and scholars to release the Chongqing Declaration of the Yuelai International Design Forum.

The New Land-Sea Corridor International Design Summit will focus on design-enabled industries, city construction, daily life, and sustainable development among international cities. The National Industrial Design Demonstration Cities Workshop will focus on the complementary cooperation of industries, industrial chain cooperation and division of labor, design exchanges and cooperation among domestic cities, and discuss the paths and methods to build a new development pattern. The 2023 China-Singapore (Chongqing) Design Education Summit will set up a platform for the international exchanges and training of design talents based on the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity. The Industrial Design for SMEs Summit will bring together high-end resources for industrial development and provide a platform for innovative cooperation and communication. The “Yue-Design Night” Exchange Meeting will build a communication platform for designers and promote cross-border cooperation among creative design, science and technology, and art. Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle – Yangtze River Delta Design Industry Cooperation Matchmaking Meeting will promote the interaction and cooperation between the two city clusters and empower the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry through design.

The 2023 China Industrial Design Innovation and Development Achievements Exhibition will be displayed in Chongqing Yue Design Center, the site set up City of Design, national industrial design demonstration cities, domestic and international award-winning works, design education achievements, design verification, brand release, design experience, design service platform and other thematic exhibition areas of 3,000 square meters, open to the public, and will be continuously displayed until November 2023.

Five highlights: “voice of the time” for design

Huang Jie introduced at the press conference site that the event presents five highlights: higher level, greater international influence, more practical professional leadership, stronger industrial pull, and more adequate curatorial power.

“As an important part of the series of activities, this forum was held for the first time in the same period as the Smart China Expo, which will greatly expand the exchange and cooperation, extend the reach of industrial design, and smooth the path of design and intellectual creation.” Huang Jie said, the forum brings together the global wisdom “voice”, talking about the new trend of industrial design development.

At the same time, the international influence of this forum is even greater, invited the World Design Organization (WDO), the French Designers’ Union trade union, the Asian Creative Industries Alliance (Singapore), and other world heads of the industry, as well as relevant countries and regional representatives of the New Land-Sea Corridor, the authorities in Singapore and the guests and delegates of the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Japan, and other countries to participate in a full range of convergence of the “International Wisdom”. In the professional field, this forum participants will be more prominent focus, specialization, sub-forum more than the previous session, a wider range of fields, the theme is more focused, the overall full consideration of the city as well as the Two Rivers New Area, Yubei District, the role of the driving force of the development of the design industry, pay attention to the design of upstream and downstream of the whole industry chain linkage claims, focus on the cutting-edge trends of industrial design, in-depth discussion of the field of industrial design of new technologies, new trends, new trends, and to promote the forum’s role as a platform for more representative of the industry and the leading force.

“Industrial design is an important engine to promote the quality and efficiency of manufacturing and transformation and upgrading, and plays an important role in promoting the development of modern manufacturing.” Huang Jie said that the current forum pulls the industry stronger. National outstanding leading enterprises, design institutions, industry organizations, universities, and institutes gathered on the scene to carry out various forms of investigation, connecting, cooperation, and signing activities. The opening ceremony site will focus on signing, and awarding projects, and promote investment and project landing.

The opening session will also include the release of the list of design requirements to the conference and the public. The organic combination of demand and supply, professional and market, breaks the information barriers, forming a closed loop of the industrial chain, so that the curatorial power is more adequate, and further optimizes the innovation ecology of the Chongqing design industry.

It is reported that, as the core bearing place for Chongqing to create a City of Design, Yuelai International Exhibition City takes Chongqing Design Park as the core carrier to accelerate the construction of a “design talent training place, design enterprise gathering place, design product display place, design information release place and excellent design source.”

Four major initiatives: promoting Chongqing as a City of Design

With the development of the manufacturing industry, the value of industrial design is becoming more and more prominent. As a manufacturing town, Chongqing’s industrial design industry development space is broad.

According to reports, in 2021, Chongqing, as the only city in the west, was selected as one of the first four industrial design demonstration cities in the country. In 2022, the “Chongqing Municipality Creates City of Design Action Program” clearly put forward the national industrial design demonstration city as the basis, and actively created the UNESCO World City of Design general objectives.

Zhao Gang said that Chongqing is currently promoting the design industry policy environment, industrial scale, atmosphere creation, and agglomeration construction.

The policy environment of the Chongqing design industry has been gradually improved, and the Legislation of Chongqing Municipality Industrial Design Revitalization Regulations is being promoted to regulate the framework of industrial development. Deepening the design service system of “headquarters + district and county sub-centers”, with Chongqing Industrial Design Promotion Center as the carrier, five district and county sub-centers have been built by radiation. In addition, it has innovatively constructed an evaluation system for industrial design titles, taken the lead in opening a cross-provincial declaration channel in the country, and cumulatively cultivated more than 400 industrial designers at all levels to smooth the development channel of design talents.

“At present, the scale of Chongqing design industry continues to grow, has built 10 national industrial design centers, 165 municipal industrial design centers, 18 municipal industrial design research institute cultivation objects, 89 district and county-level industrial design centers, and the design body ladder cultivation system initially set up.” Zhao Gang said. According to him, for the first time, the sales revenue of products designed by national and municipal industrial design centers has exceeded 210 billion yuan, and the design service revenue of two-level industrial design centers has exceeded 300 million yuan, and the role of industrial design as a guide and an enabler has been constantly emerging. Now there are 10 industrial design master studios and 46 manufacturing design training bases, and 83 City of Design key projects have been selected, with a total investment of more than 3 billion yuan.

At present, the brand effect of Chongqing industrial design continues, as the industrial design characteristics of the IP of China Manufacturing Design Conference have been successfully held for 2 sessions. The Smart China Expo Industrial Design Competition has cumulative international and domestic works of more than 10,000 pieces. Industrial design has become a new model for promoting the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle as “Project No. 1”.

In addition, the design agglomeration effect is highlighted. At present, three industrial parks have been built in Chongqing Industrial Design Industry City, Chongqing Design Park, and Chongqing Industrial Design Headquarters Base, with more than 60 enterprises contracted and settled, and the investment and construction work continues. The second phase of Chongqing Design Park, Xiushan Industrial Design Headquarters Base, and other agglomerations are stepping up construction. The design collection effect is further highlighted.

It is reported that in August 2023, Chongqing declared 2023 UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) completed the qualification audit, in line with the reporting requirements, and officially entered the evaluation process.

Four policies: Liangjiang New Area’s protection for the design industry

“Chongqing is an important national modern manufacturing base, and Liangjiang New Area is the main position and core area of Chongqing’s manufacturing development. Therefore, cultivating and growing the design industry in Liangjiang is the further extension, complementary, and strength.” Zhang Li said. He introduced that the design industry chain of New Area has been gradually improved, the innovation ability has been significantly improved, the industry agglomeration trend is obvious, and the industrial ecology has accelerated the formation of the industry.

He also introduced in detail the policies related to the design industry in Liangjiang New Area.

In order to further cultivate and grow design industry clusters, the New Area is accelerating the gathering of high-end, high-quality, and high-tech industrial resources, and reducing the enterprise income tax by 15% for enterprises whose main business is based on the industrial projects stipulated in the Catalogue of Encouraged Industries in the Western Region and whose income from main business accounts for more than 60% of the total income of the enterprise. The newly introduced leading enterprises and high-quality industrial projects with a strong ability to shape industrial ecology and drive the industrial chain will be supported in accordance with the “one-issue-one-negotiation” method.

Liangjiang New Area encourages design enterprises to become bigger and stronger and is increasing its support for enterprises to go public by giving financial support to enterprises listed on domestic stock exchanges, overseas stock exchanges, new three boards, and regional equity trading centers. At the same time, Liangjiang New Area focuses on the main groups. For the industrial design enterprises and organizations in Liangjiang New Area that were first assessed as “China Industry Design Top 100” by China Industrial Design Association and recognized as national industrial design centers and national industrial design research institutes within the declared year, one-time support of 1 million RMB will be given.

In addition, in terms of attracting high-quality enterprises, it is also building up its strength. Liangjiang New Area supports brand settlement, and gives one-time support of 1 million RMB to the national headquarters set up by the newly introduced National Industrial Design Center, the National Industrial Design Research Institute, and the enterprises and organizations selected by the China Industrial Design Association as “China Industry Design Top 100”; and gives one-time support of 500,000 RMB to the regional headquarters set up by the newly introduced enterprises and organizations selected by China Industrial Design Association as “China’s top 100 in design industry”. Meanwhile, to strengthen the cultivation of service platforms, the newly introduced third-party industrial service platform for industrial design in the field of new energy equipment and intelligent manufacturing equipment, upon identification, the total investment in hardware and software of the platform within three years from the date of registration reaches 5 million yuan and above, the support will be given according to 30% of the total investment in hardware and software, and the total cumulative support for individual platforms will be up to a maximum of 5 million yuan. In addition, Liangjiang New Area has also launched comprehensive contribution support and development carrier support to help high-quality design enterprises land and blossom.

Talents, especially high-end talents, play an extremely critical role in industrial design. Liangjiang New Area creates a good environment for talent, actively cultivates and introduces all kinds of talents, and gives young who work in Chongqing for the first time and sign a labor (employment) contract for more than three years with employers in Liangjiang New Area and pay social insurance premiums according to the regulations a subsidy for settling down according to the corresponding standards. It also introduces talents with multiple measures, realizing the transformation of attracting, gathering settling, and keeping talents in Chongqing and Liangjiang New Area.

Three ways: Yubei District industrial design “Empowering” manufacturing industry

“Industrial design plays an important role in the development of the manufacturing industry, and it can empower the manufacturing industry in many ways.” Yang Fan introduced that the ways of empowerment include product innovation and differentiation, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, as well as publicity, promotion, and branding in three aspects.

In terms of product innovation and differentiation, new characteristics and values are given to products through innovative appearance design, functional design, and material selection. “Yubei District’s two leading industries, automotive and electronics, as well as casual food, furniture, and clothing, are all in big demand for industrial design.” Yang Fan said that from the overall appearance of automobiles and cell phones, human-computer interaction interfaces, to the product shapes and packaging forms of daily consumer goods, and so on, industrial design can play an important role in empowering innovative products, helping enterprises increase variety, improve the qualities and create brands.

On the other hand, industrial design further promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Not only does the appearance of the design, research, and development result in realizing the mass production of products, to solving the problem of the product staying in the “laboratory”, and staying on paper, also can’t be separated from the industrial design. Optimization of the production process through industrial design, with reasonable construction and assembly design, to reduce the waste and cost of production, and improve production efficiency, is the industrial design can be further expanded aspects. “There are about 2,000 invention patents in Yubei District every year, and these patents have to be applied to products, which provides a broad display stage for industrial design.” Yang Fan mentioned.

Public promotion and brand building cannot be ignored. Product advertising and marketing and even corporate image promotion are important parts of enterprise development. From the advertising design to the display of user experience, cultural integration and brand value image building can’t be separated from design empowerment. At present, Yubei’s Creative Industry Park and Jinzishan Cultural and Creative Industry Park have gathered a number of cultural and creative design enterprises, with strong creative design support services.

Yang Fan said that industrial design throughout the whole process of manufacturing development, overall high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, which can’t be separated from the design industry.


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