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“Transportation + Art” Design Innovation Interdisciplinary Communication Symposium

On May 25, 2018, the “Transportation + Art” Design Innovation Interdisciplinary Communication Symposium, along with the Graduation Works Exhibitions of Design College, 2018, were grandly held, hosted by Chongqing Jiaotong University and co-hosted by Mathias International Design College, International College, Art and Engineering Design Center, and International Association Research Centre Bridge Aesthetics, Art and Design, Bridge Culture. Domestic and international experts from the transportation industry and the field of creative design came together to discuss how to foster practical innovation, disciplinary growth, and talent cultivation under the strategy of building a Nation with a Strong Transportation System. Vice-Chancellor Zhang Shangyi of Chongqing Jiaotong University presided over the symposium. The university president Tang Boming chaired the opening ceremony.

During his address, Li Tian’an, the Secretary of the school Party Committee, pointed out that in recent years, the university has persistently emphasized the essential role of transportation characteristics, actively promoting interdisciplinary integration. The concept of “Transportation + Art” not only contributes to the development of the discipline itself but also caters to the public’s aspiration for the progress of national transportation infrastructure construction.

At the opening ceremony, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Highway & Transportation Society and Chairman of the Society’s Service Area Work Member Council, Ju Rongyun, voiced that the Graduation Works Exhibition, themed “Highway Service Area” creative art design, from the Mathias International Design College of Chongqing Jiaotong University had attracted him to attend. He encouraged future designers to pay attention to highway service areas and to explore the profound integration of transportation and tourism in the context of the current evolution in the transportation industry.

Professor Zeng Qiang, the Vice Dean of the Design College, gave an in-depth discourse on guiding the nurturing of design talents and the growth of the discipline under the background of building a Nation with a Strong Transportation System, highlighting the theme of “Transportation + Art” design innovation. He underlined the importance of blending aesthetics and functionality, and the crucial role of real-world project-based learning.


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